Selling your homes to investors

Of course, you want to sell your house. There are a myriad of ways you can try to sell it. You can try to sell it as For Sale By Owner (FSBO), sell it to an investor, or try to list it with a REALTOR®. We’ll talk about FSBO and listing w/REALTOR® in other posts. Let’s talk about selling it to an investor.

The best part about selling your piece of American dream to investors is the multiple selling options you will receive. Because the sale is not going through the traditional agent or broker route, the investors are able to provide more options than the listing option that an agent can provide. The homes that aren’t in the top-notch shape and require repairs are best sold “as is” through the investors. If you need fast closings such as in a pending foreclosure situation, selling to a cash-buyer investor is probably the best option you can go with as they can close in a matter of days as opposed to a buyer who will require bank financing.

The worst part about selling your home sweet home to investors is that there are far too many investors out there as being an investor doesn’t need a license. With that said, you really have  to vet the investors and know what you’re doing. When not selling through an agent, you are really on your own to do the work that an agent would have done including guiding you, advising you, protecting your interest and negotiating for you. For the same reasons, if you’re not an expert in the market where you are selling your home, you might end up selling it for below market value. With investors here, there and everywhere, there are quite of few so called investors who might be up to their own good and not yours. So, it’s up to you to decide how the deal is a win-win.

Here at Successful REI, LLC, we buy houses in all shapes, sizes, conditions and prices as investors. We have dealt with many and different types of situations sellers go through. If you have a house to sell or know of anyone looking to sell a house, let us be the first investor you call. The consultation is free. We might just buy your house or save you from a scam artist dressed as an investor. Just give us a call at 972.666.7072!