August 1, 2015


You’ve got questions? We’ve got answers

What do you do?

Among many things, we buy properties in the DFW area, in any condition, at any price and in any situation. We buy both nice and not so nice homes from sellers who want to sell their houses themselves without paying huge percentage on realtor commissions. We can make an offer on your house within 2 days and close as soon or late as you desire.

What is my cost in working with you?

As a seller, you would pay any commissions as you would when you sell through a realtor. We buy it directly from you so it will not cost you anything to sell your house to us.

What kind of properties do you buy?

We buy houses anywhere in the DFW metro area in any condition, as-is, in any price range, regardless of the situation of the seller. Most of the houses we purchase fit any of below criteria:

  • Inherited properties
  • Behind on mortgage payments
  • Tired landlords
  • Owners living out of state
  • Properties with liens
  • Delinquent taxes

What enables you to buy houses in such short period of time?

That’s because we buy with cash most of the time which just leaves us with having to title search and prepare the closing paperwork.

I got  a letter from you. Where did you get my information?

There are a number of public record resources that we subscribe to. So, all the information we receive are from public records from county records or city halls.

Why do you need to know how much I owe on the house?

Simply because we are serious about buying your house. If you have a mortgage, we can work out different ways you can sell your home giving you more options to choose from. When you provide us your mortgage information, we’re able to make you an offer sooner.

Do you just lowball me?

Not really. We evaluate your house depending on where it is and what the market price is today, and give you a no-obligation offer. Unlike when listing with a realtor, we buy your house right away and without you having to pay commissions.

Do you plan to profit from selling my house?

Yes, we are a for-profit company. We buy properties like yours, fix them up which usually takes between 3 to 6 months, and re-sell them after that. Until the properties are sold, we have many costs for buying, renovating, holding and marketing them.

Why don’t you just make me an offer without me giving you my desired price?

We’re serious about buying your home. So, we need to get a ballpark from you as a starting point as to what you are asking for.

How does this process work?

It’s pretty simple as 1-2-3-4.

  1. We get some details from you about your house.
  2. Then, we come out to visit your house to know what it looks like today and what amount of repairs we need to put in.
  3. Then, we make you an offer.
  4. Once you accept it, which is what happens most of the time, we proceed to scheduling the closing.

Do you have any referral program?

Absolutely! If you refer a seller to us from whom we end up buying the house, we will pay you $500 referral fee upon closing. At a minimum, we’ll need the home address and the homeowner’s name, phone number and email to get us started.

Let’s get started. What do we do next? 

Awesome! Call us today to get started.