9 Tips for New Homeowners


Not all homeowners have a good idea on what to expect from their first few years of home-ownership. For those of you enjoying your brand new piece of American dream, here are some tips:

  1. Join the neighborhood Facebook or Nextdoor group which will cut the time it takes to get oriented with the community. Homes that are part of a homeowner’s association (HOA) will have some sort of welcome packet that are provided to the new homeowners.
  2. Ensure you’re getting the homestead and other eligible exemptions you’re eligible for. Check the county appraisal district’s website when your sweet home is located.
  3. Locate where the AC filters are know their sizes. Better yet, put a recurring event in your Google calendar to remind you to replace them every so often.
  4. Put all the user manuals in one kitchen drawer so it’s easier to locate them when needed. This goes for the appliances, thermostat, water heater, garage door, and anything and everything that came with a piece of how-to literature upon the purchase of the item. Most builders provide a homeowner’s user manual in DVD or handbook format.
  5. Take the measurements of the windows and doors and the rooms where new furniture will be placed. Better yet, make a sketch of the space of how the rooms will look like. This will help you determine the maximum dimensions of your new furniture and appliances.
  6. Install ceiling fans if needed which will help reduce electric usage and provide coolness more readily.
  7. Re-key the locks and make duplicate keys so you have the peace of mind that there are no extra keys floating around from when many people were entering the home during the time the home was listed for sale.
  8. Replace the light bulbs w/daylight light bulbs which are more energy efficient and give more natural light.
  9. Know what warranty you have so that certain eligible repairs can be made from the warranty program. Most builders will provide a limited 10 year warranty. Buyers can also have a home warranty, also known as residential service contract, if that was negotiated into the contract.